Thursday, September 24, 2009

So close to having our house!

So, I just posted this in a reply to Becky's last comment, but figured I should put it here too. We did get the closing date moved up for our house, and it is Tuesday! We're super excited to move in and get all of our stuff down here.

Also, some kitten pictures:

Jack, on the couch.

Marble (and Jack, lost in the cushions...)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Late, late update!

I know it's been almost a month since I've updated this --sorry! I kinda forgot until Lynn reminded me today... Anyhow, tons of things have happened in the last few weeks, so here goes.

First, Becky and Sam GOT MARRIED over Labor Day weekend!! It was such an awesome wedding. The ceremony was at 11 a.m. at Becky's childhood church. The bridesmaids all wore their own black dresses and had beautiful orange wraps that Becky bought for them that really went with the autumn theme. See Anne below:

After the ceremony, we all headed over to Arlington Racetrack for the reception. We had the top floor of the facility, which was gorgeous! And, we hung out for 10 horse races. Adam and I, unfortunately, lost $10; some people did make money though! The beautiful reception facility:

Pictures of the bride and groom! (I am becoming sort of a wedding paparazzo.... )

And here with Adam and I:

We had our final wedding of the year last weekend, when Adam's cousin Paul got married. His new wife's name is Sara Julian... kind of funny!

Also, our house woes are hopefully over. Late last month, we put an offer on another house (also in Le Roy, Ill. -- halfway in between Bloomington and Champaign). We got through the home inspection on Wednesday with a few problems (not unexpected) and are working with them to get them solved to our satisfaction before we close. Our closing date is set for Oct. 9, but if things go well it's possible it could get moved up -- we're hoping so! Photos of the new house are here: (these are just the ones that were listed with the real estate listing; more will come once it's officially ours!) It's smaller than we had originally thought we wanted, but it's also cheaper and in much better shape than the first one we put an offer on. So, we are excited!!

Finally, a friend of ours took in a Bengal cat that ended up being pregnant, and she had six kittens. So, we agreed to take in one... and ended up deciding we actually wanted two. They're both boys, and we get them this weekend when we visit Art in Rockford!

Sorry for the long post... We just had sooo many things to update!