Monday, March 23, 2009

We're moving!

Hello, and welcome to our blog!

I've been thinking about starting this for a while, and now that we have some big changes coming up, I thought it was the perfect time. Adam just accepted a job last week at Illinois State University, and will be returning to doing desktop support for the Registrar's Office and other campus buildings. I'm leaving my current job as well and have started searching for a new position in Bloomington-Normal. It's a big change for us, but we're excited to more forward!

When Adam was down there for his interview, he picked out this efficiency apartment for us, part of a house near downtown Bloomington.
I haven't seen it yet, but Adam e-mailed pictures and we've already signed the lease, so we are set to go. It's nice to know we'll have somewhere to move to in a few weeks.

I'm hoping to use this to keep everyone updated on what we're up to as we go through this transition! Leave a comment if you've stopped by and read this far :)


  1. Yay blog! I like it. That's a very cute house. I'm sure you guys will settle in nicely. And those lyrics over there on the side? Yeah, I'm keeping those in mind right about now, too.

  2. yay blog! good luck with the job search! Come visit Chicago before we both move!!