Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bloomington, here we come!

So, we are not so good about updating this. Sorry!

Adam had his first day on the job on Monday, and was greeted by this when he arrived at his cubicle:
Obviously, his co-workers missed him very much! He even had Easter dinner with his former (and, now, current) boss Pam on Sunday.

I am working in Janesville through Friday, finishing up last minute stories and training the writer who will replace me. We finished moving last weekend, and it feels great to have that behind us!! Of course, all of our stuff wouldn't fit in our new efficiency apartment (our Janesville place was two bedrooms), so much of it ended up in a storage unit in Roscoe. With the assistance of Becky and Sam, we moved the essentials in on Saturday. (That includes a bed, couch, TV, dresser and clothing. And that's about it.) Then, on Sunday, I came back up to Roscoe, where I'm staying for the week with my parents, and Adam stayed in Bloomington to start at ISU the next day.

All in all, kind of a crazy week! I'm looking forward to heading back down to B-N on Friday and actually settling in to our new place. Adam's parents are planning on coming to visit us this weekend, as well. It will be good to have some time off to relax, even if it means I'm unemployed for a little while.


  1. cute! I remember making stuff like what with printshop back in the day...