Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Planning Ahead

Right now, we are gearing up for a very busy summer! Between now and October, we will be attending FIVE weddings, along with bachelor/bachelorette parties, showers, etc. It's going to be a little crazy, but we are excited about all of the friends we'll be able to see in the coming months.

Memorial Day weekend was one of the non-wedding weekends for us, so we took it easy and mostly stayed around home. On Saturday, we did drive up to Naperville for my 3-year-old cousin's birthday party.

This weekend, we're splitting up -- Adam is heading to Kansas City, Mo., for Alex's bachelor party weekend, and I am going to Roscoe for my brother Ben's high school graduation party. The weekend after that, we're hoping to head down to St. Louis for a short trip to celebrate our first anniversary!

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