Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Settled in

Things have been moving right along since we headed down to Bloomington, and we are now officially settled in (and so is our stuff... it's all over the place in this tiny apartment!)

Adam is enjoying his job, and is gearing up for Preview, the ISU program where new students come down to enroll in classes, learn about college, etc., during the summer before they start. He'll be supporting some of the IT roles for that program, so it will keep him busy during the summer.

I am doing some freelance work at the Illinois Wesleyan University Magazine, where I worked as a student. This is nice because it's stuff I enjoy, it gets me out of the apartment, and I get to talk to other people! I'm also starting this week on a volunteer basis with a local nonprofit organization, working with their marketing department on some public relations-type projects.

Looking for jobs has been difficult, as it's hard to find anything to even apply for. But, I do have a couple of promising leads (I took an editing test for a position in Champaign last week, and I have an interview for a different job in Bloomington this week), so I hope that things are starting to look up!

Things have been pretty mellow around here. We hung out with Sarah S. on my birthday weekend, but other than that we've just been back to Roscoe a few times. Most evenings, we drive around and look at houses for sale and decide what we'd like to have when we're ready to buy! We hope this is sooner, rather than later.

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  1. Sounds great! Good luck with the jobs...it sounds to me like you're making good progress, given the frustration and lack-o-stuff I know you've encountered. Go you for finding free lance work and keeping busy! Even your volunteer work seems to be professionally relevant. Excited to see you in less than a month! And I know Sam is excited for a weekend of pizza and Wii with Adam.