Thursday, July 9, 2009

Big Changes

So, a few exciting things have happened since my last post! This week, I was offered a job as an editorial assistant in Champaign (about 50 minutes south of Bloomington-Normal). I'm super excited to have a full-time job again, although I have really loved the freelance work I was doing at IWU. I am hoping to start in two weeks.

Now that we both have jobs we are ready to hang onto for a while, Adam and I are planning to jump right into the housing market. We're looking at buying a house in a sort of rural area between Normal and Champaign, so that we each have a comparable commute to work. Today we went to the bank and met with someone to discuss a mortgage. It is exciting to take these first steps, especially after spending so much time looking, but not being able to do anything else, while we waited for me to get a job. Now, we just need to find a real-estate agent that we like, and we'll be ready to go!

This weekend, we are heading to the Chicago suburbs for Zach Meiborg's wedding on Saturday. Then Adam will be coming back to B-N, and I'll be staying in Roscoe to pet-sit my parents' two dogs, two cats, bird and fish while they are on vacation. It'll probably be my last week off of work for a while!

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