Monday, July 6, 2009

Up North for the 4th!

For the 4th of July weekend, Adam and I spent a couple of days in Roscoe with my parents, then headed up to Three Lakes, Wis., (near Eagle River) to spend the holiday with his parents at their cabin.

We left Bloomington on Wednesday night; Adam had taken Thursday off work, and had Friday off for the holiday. While in Roscoe, Adam did some computer work for a friend, and I tagged along when Ben and my mom went to look at cellos. Ben started playing the cello a few months ago and has really gotten into it, so my parents wanted to help him buy his own as his high school graduation/birthday present (these things are super expensive!) He found one he liked and took it home for a week trial.

Early Friday morning, Adam and I left Roscoe for Wisconsin to visit his parents for the holiday weekend. We had an AWESOME Wisconsin fish fry, which I've been missing too much to even describe. His parents' cabin is in a former resort -- now it's more like condo cabins -- so they have lots of friends who they share their space with. It's like a constant party! I went tubing a couple of times and am still sore and sunburned, despite my best attempts with the sunscreen. Oh well.

We're already getting ready to go out of town again -- this weekend, longtime family friend Zach Meiborg is getting married in Bartlett, Ill., which is a Chicago suburb. We're planning on spending the weekend there and in Roscoe. Then, I'll stay at my parents' house for the following week to watch the dogs/cats/bird/fish while they are on vacation, and Adam will come back to Bloomington.

Whew! This has to be the busiest summer ever. At least after this one, we've got a few free weekends!

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