Friday, September 2, 2011

Contact Paper Window

A couple of weeks ago, I saw this idea and got super excited. We have a door off our kitchen that leads to our backyard and deck. It's a pretty ugly door and it unfortunately faces our neighbor's deck (as does our deck). Frequently I have found myself looking right out our window at our neighbors grilling on their deck whenever I'm doing laundry or getting something out of the pantry. There's really no privacy, even when you are in the house. The window had cheap blinds when we moved in, but the cats soon disassembled them (and they were especially ugly to begin with) so we didn't replace them. So when I saw that I could potentially change this door for just a $6 roll of contact paper, I was thrilled!

Here is the door before, with the view off our deck and into our neighbors' yards:

That is two properties — our next door neighbor's with the light blue deck and the next house over with a red deck. Yikes! 
I followed the instructions (linked above) and cut out many, many, many shapes from contact paper. I ended up splitting up this project over several days so I wouldn't get burned out/have carpal tunnel from the scissors. I only bought one roll of contact paper (it's actually "clear" but shows up frosted on the window). I probably used about half of it. Here's the after photo:

And here's a close-up photo of the pattern: 

I love it! It looks stylish, gives us tons more privacy than we had before, lets in light, and only cost $6. 

Up next is the front door. I'm almost done painting it (coat two is currently drying in the garage!) and it looks awesome. I think it's the nicest paint job I've done yet. Which is great, as it's right on the front of the house and hard to miss ;)


  1. Dude, this is genius! It looks so sophisticated and professional. Well done!

  2. Thanks, Anne! I'm not sure we'll leave it up there forever, but for now it is working great. The nice thing is it's totally removable; you could even do this as a renter! (If you want to spend hours cutting out contact paper shapes, ha ha...)

  3. How easy is it to peel up? I LOVE it, but I'm worried about little ones figuring out there's an edge and then picking picking picking picking it off, one by one! LOL

  4. It definitely can be peeled off... our cat did this to one, and I replaced it, at which point he left it alone. So no guarantees :)