Sunday, April 19, 2009

Finally here!

So, I've finally joined Adam in Bloomington! I got here on Friday night and we went out to dinner at Grand Cafe, a Chinese restaurant that's one of our favorites from our college days. Then, on Saturday, Adam's parents came down to visit and see our new place.

Before they got here, we managed to get everything put away and looking good, which I was somewhat afraid might not happen due to space limitations. But, it really does all fit, which is fantastic!

Saying goodbye to everyone at work Friday was really, really hard. I'm trying to be positive and look ahead, but it was tough to leave behind people I've really enjoyed working with.

In more positive news, I do have a second interview for a job on Wednesday. Cross your fingers for me -- I'm hoping that one goes well! I'll post more info about if I get it (obviously...)

Overall, it's SO nice to be down here and together again. Now off to make Sunday morning breakfast, and maybe peek at a few open houses (although we obviously won't be buying while I'm still unemployed, but it's always fun to look!).


  1. we're gonna miss you, dude.


  2. I'm going to miss you guys too!