Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Updates will continue to be slow, as our Internet STILL is not installed. We decided to go with DSL through Verizon (we had DSL through AT&T in Janesville, and it was always fast and reliable). Also, we didn't have cable there and won't here, so it was the easier solution. At least, it was supposed to be...

Apparently things aren't wired correctly, so although we have two phone jacks in our apartment, neither is actually connected to the main phone line in the basement of our building. It's an old house that was converted into four apartments, so this is not that hard to believe. Today, I spent most of the day waiting for the Verizon guy to come set everything up (they'd already come once and given up). He did come and got most of it done, but our landlord has to send out an electrician tomorrow to fix a few things. Then, HOPEFULLY, we'll finally be online! We're both such Internet people that this has been a struggle... we've been hanging out at both of our alma maters and other wifi locations (Coffee House in Normal, and Bloomington Public Library, where we are now).

Someone else in our building does have an unsecured wireless network, and we've been stealing wifi when it's available. But, my laptop almost never picks it up, so I have to use Adam's, etc. It would be so much easier if it was just installed and working!!

In other news, Adam's job continues to go well. I'm having my second interview for a job tomorrow. I've been checking many job postings on a daily basis since I got down here (and before), and unfortunately haven't even found anything to apply for so far this week. I'm not quite ready to give up and apply for absolutely anything, but that may come soon.

On Thursday, I'm having lunch with the editor of IWU's alumni magazine, where I worked as an undergrad. Looking forward to touching base with some of the people I already know in town!

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  1. good luck on your interview and have a fun lunch with Tim!