Monday, April 27, 2009

More apartment photos

I've snuck into The Ames Library at Illinois Wesleyan University (my alma mater) for a little free Internet. It's the last day of IWU spring finals, so there is quite a bit of activity here, but the Internet speed is still amazing, compared to the stolen wifi we get at our apartment!

I'm finally going to post additional apartment photos -- I've been meaning to, but since only Adam's laptop can get our stolen wifi, it's been difficult. So, here they are!

Our main room (remember, it's an efficiency apartment, so that's pretty much all there is!) There is a bed "area" off to the right, but I didn't take a picture of it.

Full kitchen, which is actually new and cute!

Stairway up to our place.

I've been joking that it's the opposite of our Janesville apartment. There, we had a two-bedroom place, so we had plenty of space, but EVERYTHING was from 1985 when the building was built, including the brown carpet, electric heating system, refrigerator, stove, bathroom fixtures, etc.

Here, it's all beautiful and newly remodeled, but tiny! Adam and I have decided that we need to get out, often, or we go kind of crazy. This is especially a challenge for me, since I suddenly have an extra 40 hours of free time each week and no idea what to do with it.

So far, I've been applying to jobs, cleaning and running errands. If I don't find something long-term soon, I'll probably start looking for a more involved volunteer opportunity. It's just suddenly very difficult to find the motivation to do anything!

Adam has been loving his job at ISU so far, as he knew he would. He also loves his five-minute commute, instead of the drive between Janesville and McHenry, which could take up to an hour and a half each way.

My parents came down this weekend to celebrate my 24th birthday (which is actually today). We went out for lunch, opened presents and played Rock Band. We're planning to head up to Roscoe this weekend, as I have a cousin with a birthday coming up!

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